10 Simple Steps to Build a Website that
Brings You Business and Makes You Money

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Learn The Ten Simple Steps to Build a Website 

that Is Optimized to Bring Customers to You;

Even if You're a Total Beginner

Ready to take the first steps toward a successful online business, but have no clue where to start? Do you envision a life of freedom, supplemental income, or a thriving customer base but feel it's way too difficult to figure it all out? If you are someone that can barely figure out email or Facebook and believe that you could NEVER succeed online; you can breathe easy. I'm going to take your hand and walk you through the exact steps to build a website that will become the foundation of your new online business.

It seems that the majority of articles out there are geared toward people who either already have a website, or assume you are a techie-minded person with a decent grasp on website basics. I know, because I was once where you are; with a firm vision of the end result in my mind, but nothing but brick walls blocking my progress. We "creative" or "right-brained" types have a bit of a disadvantage when it comes to this side of our business; concepts that seem so simple to techie geeks seem like incomprehensible martian gobbledygook to us. This disconnect leaves us feeling incompetent, hopeless, and frustrated. 

But I'm here to act as your translator, your guide; the person who stumbled her way through building her first online business with absolutely no training, no skill, no clue, and not even half the tools that are available to you today. I'll be your right-brained leader that walks you through the left-brained process of starting your online business; so that you, too, can find the freedom and exhilaration that an internet business can bring.

Whether you are an artist, a coach, a consultant, or any other kind of small business owner...or if you have no business concept at all but just love the idea of making money online, it all starts with a website. Well, actually, it starts with figuring out how you want to make money with your business and choosing your website's purpose; so if you haven't started there, I encourage you to do so. But the very next step is to figure out the steps to build a website. 

"But it's the Age of Social Media! Do I Really Need a Website?"

In this age of technology, namely social media, it's easy to wonder if you really need a website at all. After all, in no time at all you can build up a following on Instagram or Facebook, so who needs a website at all?

To make things worse, there are plenty of people out there telling you that no, you don't need a website; all you need is to buy their course showing you "how to succeed online with out a website at all." They'll sell you things like "a one-page website" or the "one-click funnel" or some other magic potion that sounds really, really tempting and so much easier than building a website. And you know what? That's exactly what they're banking on. They make money off people who believe that building your own website is too difficult, but also don't have the money it takes to hire a designer. Social media is easy, it's comfortable, it's familiar. It's something you know you can do. Building your own website seems much more challenging; and really, who has time for that? So they sell you the "quick & easy" fix, which is to skip a website all together; because, again, it's an easy sell. 

The reality is that there are PLENTY of people out there who are utterly terrified or intimidated at the idea of building their own website. After all, many of us grew up in a time that existed long before the internet (gasp, yes it's true); and we also remember the beginning of the worldwide web. And yes, "back then" building a website WAS difficult, and you had to know coding and HTML and CSS and all this other intimidating stuff. But thanks to the ever-changing world of technology, it's literally never been easier for a total "newbie" to create your own online presence.

But the simple reality is this; if you want to create a sustainable online business, it's absolutely imperative that you learn the steps to build a website that is designed to market your business to the online world. If you want to have a hobby, then you can rely on social media alone; if you want to create a true, legitimate, sustainable business, you simply must have a website. 


Why You Absolutely MUST Have a Website
If You Want to Have an Online Business

There are a number of reasons why you need a website to succeed online, but here are the big ones: 

  • Credibility: Let's face it, any business or professional that wants to be taken seriously needs to have a website. That's the first thing people ask when you tell them about your business. If you don't have a website, it just screams "amateur;" and makes it very difficult to convince people you're a professional.
  • Your Website Connects You With Customers: A properly-built website not only serves as your "home base" or your virtual business, but also serves as your top-performing salesperson, actively going out and connecting your site with the very people who are actively looking for you. When someone sits down and Googles something, they are looking for a solution to their problem or need. If you have a properly-built website that is in good standing with Google, then you have a good chance of being THE website that pops up as a solution to their problem. With a properly designed website, this potential customer can then go to your site, where they can browse through and find all the answers they need, right at their fingertips; and can even move forward with a purchase, or an email to you, or by completing a sign-up form for more info. When you have an online presence, this can happen 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Longevity: The world of social media is fast-paced and ever-changing; so when you rely on social media, your "business" can disappear overnight. Social media platforms come and go; some of us are old enough to remember MySpace, Friendster, Digg, or StumbleUpon. Each of these were successful in their time, but disappeared just as quickly as they began. I know it may seem impossible, but today's hot platforms will someday be replaced too. What if you spend years building up your Instagram or Facebook following, and a new platform renders them extinct? They will quickly disappear, and so will your business.
  • Stability: Along the same lines, it is just downright risky to put all your eggs in any one social media basket. There are countless stories of people or businesses who unknowingly violated some minor TOS (Terms of Service) and were kicked off Facebook or Instagram with no warning at all. Imagine spending years building up thousands of followers, only to lose your entire business overnight that you worked so hard to create, without even a warning. When you have your own website, you are in control of your site, instead of living at the mercy of another company. 
  • Control of Your Marketing Strategy: When you build a business on social media, your success is at the mercy of how many times you can hope to capture the attention of your followers; which is based on the "luck of the draw" and hoping your audience sees you when you post. Not to mention, most people on social media are just biding time, passively scrolling through out of boredom or procrastination from something else they should be doing. They aren't actively looking for a solution and aren't in the mindset to learn or buy.  Running a business on social media and "hoping" isn't a business strategy, it's a hobby; and a risky one at that.
  • In Online Business, It's "All About the List:" When you run your business from a website, you have the power to capture a list of people who are interested in your products or services; and YOU control when they are exposed to your message. When you "own" your list of prospective clients or customers, then your business is in your hands and not at the mercy of your customer. You decide when you reach out to your readersinstead of just hoping that they happened to have caught your latest post. 
  • Endless Tools to Run Your Business: Once you create your website, your opportunities to grow, advertise, and capitalize upon your business are endless. You can sell your products or services, sell other people's products or services, sell eBooks or guides or online courses, post videos or podcasts, interact with your customers through quizzes or surveys, create memberships, and most importantly, capture the email addresses of people who are interested in you. This creates a solid foundation for a long-lasting sustainable business, which you simply can not do without a website.

The Steps to Build a Website and

Create a Sustainable, Successful Online Business

As mentioned earlier, the very first steps in creating an online business are to determine the purpose of your site as well as have a preliminary idea of how you'll make money. If you haven't done so already, please start with those steps and return here when you are ready. If you prefer more guidance, I offer a video course that walks you through, step by step, the entire process and shows you the exact process for each step along the way.

If you're self-sufficient and good at working your way through technology yourself, then you can simply follow the below steps to build a website.

The first step in building your online business is to decide which platform will be best for you. In other words, do you want to create a  blog or website (and what's the difference, and why would one be better than the other)? Which software or tool should you use to build your site: what's the difference between WordPress, Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace? Start the process by clicking here to read about which website builder software to use (coming soon).

The next step is to choose your web hosting service. Your host is the virtual place where your website will "live."  A web hosting service is the company that allows your website to be posted to the internet, so your target audience can find you. Choosing the right host is a vitally important step, as it can determine many other factors that contribute to the success of your site. Click here to learn more about how to choose a host for your website (coming soon).

The third step is to choose your domain name, or your URL. In the website world, this is your "address" for your website. If you already have a domain name, I'll show you what to do next. If you don't have a domain name, this section will cover a few points that you MUST know before choosing your domain name, tools to help you choose, and how to register your domain. Click here to read more about how to choose and purchase your domain name (coming soon). 

After you register your domain name and point it to the correct DNS (don't worry, it's easy; I'll show you how!), you usually have to wait about 24-48 hours for it to take effect. You can use this time to start planning the pages you will write for your site and/or site's blog. The most important step in creating a successful online business is to have a complete understanding of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. In this section you will learn what SEO is and how to use it to create a successful website that brings your audience to you (coming soon).

5. Understanding Keywords 

As you'll learn in the previous section, SEO is the foundation of your online marketing efforts and will help your audience find you and your website. While SEO is the foundation of your site, "keywords" are the foundation of SEO. Before you even begin writing your content, you need to have a complete grasp of what keywords are and how to find the ideal keywords to maximize your site. Click on this page to understand what keywords are and how to use them to build your site (coming soon). 

6. Outline Your Site 

Once you have a complete understanding of SEO and the role keywords will play in your site's structure, it's time to outline your site. In order to organize your content in a way that will keep both your readers and Google happy, you need to create an outline of your site's pages. Even if you're not sure of all of your content at this point, it's still vital to have a basic outline and tier structure. In this section I help you understand what makes a successful web site structure and will walk you through, step by step, how to create one for your site. 

7. Choose and  Install Your Theme

The next step is to choose your "theme." A theme is a collection of page templates which help you design your website. This is where you get to create the "look & feel" of your website; including the colors, the design and layout, the photos, etc. However there are a LOT of very important things to know before you choose your theme, so visit this page to learn more.

8. Time to Build Your Site!

Now we get to have some fun! Finally it's time to let your creative flag fly. There are a few things to understand when creating the "look & feel" or L&F for your site, as well as understanding the difference between pleasing your readers and pleasing Google (both are equally important). I'll explain the basics of the different platforms and themes I recommend, and by the end of this section you'll have the core pages of your site ready to go. 

9. Important Tools

While building your website is perhaps the most important step in creating an online business, it certainly is not the end. Whether you choose WordPress, SBI, or any other platform, there are many additional tools that can help with the success of your online business. 

10. Start Running Your Business! 

Now that you've created the basic "store" or office for your business, it's time to open the doors! This is an exciting time, when you start to get traffic and visitors to your site, the emails start coming in, and eventually your first sale. This is the part when you realize this is a viable business model, and realize the opportunities for your future as an online business owner. 

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