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How to Determine Which is the Best Online Business to Start
Given Your Passion, Knowledge, and Interests

If you’ve made the decision to create an online business, then congratulations are in order! This could be the most life-changing decision you’ll ever make. The perks of running an online business can be everything you hope they’ll be; freedom to work from home, answering only to yourself, and controlling your own schedule, work style, and your very destiny. 

However, knowing where to start can be a bit intimidating, and you probably have a million questions. What is the best online business to start? What factors into this decision? Do you follow your passion, or choose something with a large market? How do you even figure out which markets are best? How will you make money? How do you get traffic? Should you build your own website, or hire an expensive designer? 

The first things I'll say is....breathe. Take a deep breath and relax, because you've found the site that is going to walk you through this entire process, step by step, from choosing a concept to building and marketing your site. Even if you don't have a techinical bone in your body, even if you don't know what you're doing, and even if you don't have an idea for a business yet; it's ok. I'll walk you through it, step by step. 

Four Steps to Build an Online Business

Throughout this site I show that there are four steps toward building an online business. The first two steps will help you narrow down which is the best online business to start based upon your interests, passions, and how you'd like to make money from your online business. Once you have clarity on what your business will be about, then it's time to build your website and start marketing. 

The four steps to build an online business are:

  1. 1
    Clarify your passion and what you want your business to achieve
  2. 2
    Determine your monetization plan (how you'll make money)
  1. 3
    Build your website (a ten-step process which I outline on this page)
  2. 4
    Create your tribe and connect with the people who love what you're about (market your business)

In this article I’m going to walk you through the first step, which is choosing a passion and clarifying what you want your online business to be about. Because, after all, choosing the right concept for your online business is the single most important step. Your business is going to be a very important part of your life, so you want to choose it carefully. 

Do You Already Know What You Want Your Business to Be?

It’s entirely possible that you already have a clear vision of what you want your online business to be. Perhaps you already know what you want your site to be about and how you'll make money, and you're chomping at the bit to get started. Maybe you’re an artist and you want a website to sell your work and create a more steady income. Maybe you own a coffee shop and you want to have a place for your customers to go to learn more details about your business. Maybe you’re a plumber or a handyman and you want to promote yourself to your community to generate more business. 

If this is you, then you are a few steps ahead of the game because you have clarity on your passion and purpose. However, I strongly encourage you to still read through this page and all of the info I’m sharing about laying out your plan. There might be a few things that you haven't considered, and it's much better to figure out everything now, before you pour a few weeks, months, or a year into a business only to find out you made a mistake by not laying out your plan carefully enough.  Not only will I show you how to optimize your site so that it reaches even more people, but you also might discover possible opportunities for you to expand upon your business concept so that you can create more streams of income. Being open to unique ways to expand upon your existing ideas can mean the difference between failure or success; but it's important to incorporate these ideas into your plan from the beginning. 

Not sure of a business idea? No problem! On the other hand, perhaps you don’t have a clue what you want your website to be about. All you know is that you want in on this idea of making money online from home, but have no idea where to begin. You are open to any suggestions on the best online business to start, or maybe you have more than one possible idea and you don’t know which one to choose. 

If this is you, then don’t despair because this is also a fantastic place to be. This means that the world is your oyster, and you are open to go in any direction that is most profitable and most logical for you. Because, keep in mind, what might make the “best online business” for one person is not the same business that is best for you. Soon I will walk you through the process of figuring out which is the best online business to start for you based upon a few important factors.

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Which is the Best Online Business for You?

Again, this is an important concept; something that might be a good business idea for one person might not be the best fit for you. It's vitally important to choose a business concept that's in line with your passions, your interests, your goals, your strengths, and your personality. I learned this the hard way, which I'll share in greater detail in a moment. 

However it can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you’re first starting out. When you start Googling things like “best online business to start” and “how to make money online,” you suddenly get absolutely bombarded with an overload of information. Anyone and everyone has an opinion of what you should do, and oftentimes these opinions are completely contradictory.

I want to assure you; while you might find contradictory opinions on how to build your business (website vs blog vs one-page template, paid advertising vs social media, etc), when it comes to choosing what kind of business to start, most people will agree on a few core concepts. Unfortunately, when I started my first business, I chose to ignore some of these concepts, and so I learned a few painful lessons. And one of my goals is to help you avoid these mistakes, so that you can get your business up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

What if You Don't Have Anything You're Passionate About?

While it's difficult for "multi-passionate" people to imagine, there are plenty of people out there who don't have any one thing that they can pinpoint as being their all-consuming passion. 

Perhaps you are sitting here thinking, "All this is great; but I don't have anything that I'm passionate enough about to start an online business!"  This is much more normal than you might think. However what I usually find in this situation is that you are thinking too hard, or putting too much pressure on this concept of "passion." You look at people who are on fire for their art, or their writing, or their business; and you realize you don't have anything that you're that excited about. 

But I can guarantee you that you have some kind of interest in something. When you have time off, what do you find yourself doing? Even if the answer is, "Nothing. I just watch TV." Well, what kind of shows do you watch? When you start mindlessly Facebooking or Instagramming or searching Google, what do you spend most of your time on? Here's an interesting tip; if you're on Facebook, what kinds of ads do you see in your feed? Facebook caters ads based upon your "clicks," or searches; in other words, your interests. Seeing what kinds of ads pop up in your Facebook feed might give you some insight to what you're really interested in.

Another obstacle might be that you are already thinking ahead to the fact that you have to present yourself as an "expert" if you start a business based upon your interests. In other words, perhaps you like cooking, or yoga, or animals; but you're nowhere near an expert in any way, and so you don't think these interests qualify as a potential business idea. Do not let this fear keep you from pursuing a topic that you love; in the world of online businesses, you can start an online business on nearly any topic, as long as you're passionate about it

You do not need to be an expert to start an online business; 
you just have to have an interest.  

At this point, even if you can't pinpoint anything you're passionate about, just write down one or two things that you are mildly interested in, and you will likely be able to get more clarity as we go. 

Three Steps to Figuring Out What Your Online Business Will Be

However, it's impertative to realize one critical fact: that while passion is imperative to the success of your business, it's not the only thing. A lot of people, especially creative wildflower types, make this mistake. Passion alone will not lead you to success; you must treat your business like a business. Otherwise, it's just a hobby. 

What exactly does this mean? The good thing is that an online business is much more flexible and fluid than a brick-and-mortar business. You don't have to create a business plan, you don't have to get approved for a loan, and you don't have to cater to potential investors. However, there are approximately 1.75 billion websites, and approximately 1500 more being added every day. The average person, when searching for something on Google, only checks out the first ten (maybe twenty, rarely thirty) results on Google. 

This means that you can't just throw a website out there and hope it'll stick. You can't just start blabbering on about whatever you love, without a bit of strategy and understanding how "the Google" works. You can't ride the tide of "passion" and hope that the Universe just magically opens doors for you. A popular saying in the marketing world is, "Hope is not a strategy."

While you don't have to get a marketing degree or spends months creating a business plan, you do have to have an idea of who your target market is, what exactly they are looking for, and what kind of competition you're up against. Then you need to "spin" your concept into something that people will do anything to learn more about or acquire.

Again, the strategy is not difficult. Anyone can do this. But, this is one area where we Wildflowers need to reign in our rebellious nature and abide by a few guidelines if we hope to succeed. Otherwise, you'll just be another person who dipped their toe in the vast ocean of the online business world, and quit before you experienced just how wonderful it can be. 

When choosing which is the best online business to start, there are three steps toward figuring out your dream online business:

  • Identifying your passions and interests (this doesn’t necessarily mean you should choose your biggest burning passion)
  • Researching to understand your target market and your competition 
  • Narrowing your niche and “spinning” your concept to become irresistible to your specific market 

Let's look at these in greater detail.

1) Identify Your Passions and Interests

As we touched upon earlier, perhaps you already have an idea of what you want your online business to be about. If this is you, then you can skip this step and move on to the next step, which is researching your market and competition; however do NOT skip that step as it has some of the most important information that I have to share with you!

If, however, you are not entirely sure what you want to do for an online business, or if you have it narrowed down to a couple of concepts, then this is worth exploring further. Choosing the right business idea that resonates with you is the most important step of the process, so don't rush through this decision. Building an online business takes a lot of work, especially up-front; so you want to start off on the right foot.

To learn more about how to clarify your passions and interests, and how these might translate into an online business, click here (coming soon).  

2) Research Your Market and Competition

"Shouldn't I just follow my passion?"

There's a popular trend in the "self help" and "positive thinking" world right now; and that is the idea that passion alone is enough to help you succeed. Unfortunately, there are millions of heartbroken, disillusioned, and frustrated people who would disagree. Passion is important; but without researching what your market is really looking for, you might miss the boat entirely. Additionally, understanding how much competition as well as the type of competition is vital to your success. 

This section applies to you whether you are an artist, a small business owner, or a widlflower-without-a-clue (yet). We all have a target market, and we all must understand how to understand them. And we all have competiion, and we must learn how to stand out from them. This section will show you how. (coming soon)

3) Narrow Your Niche and "Spin" Your Concept

If you've done any amount of research yet, you probably have stumbled upon this concept of narrowing down your "niche." While to the beginner it may seem contradictory to want to "narrow down" your audience (after all, don't we want as big of an audience as possible?), in this section we explore why this is important to do. 

Then we take it a step further and discuss why and how to "spin" your concept to be more appealing to your target audience. I don't believe in changing your message or your product to fit in, but I do believe you need to understand the importance of presenting it in a way that makes it irresistible to your audience.

Once you've completed the first two steps, click here to learn more (coming soon). 

Once you've determined your passion, your market, and your niche, and have a pretty good idea which is the best online business to start for you, then it's time to learn the different ways in which you can make money from your business. Click here to go to the second step of building your online business, determining your monetization plan

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