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But First....What's With the Name?

My name is Stacy Smith, and I'm the free-spirited wanderer who wants to lead you into the adventure of creating an online business. When I started thinking about the name for my site, I knew I wanted something a little...different. After all, one of the many benefits of creating an online business is that you get to choose who you work with, and who you want to be. The people I want to serve are creatives, or artists, or small business owners, or coaches, or people-who-don't-know-what-to-do-but-want-the-freedom-of-working-online. People who at one time or another struggled with being thought of as "ugly ducklings" but bloomed (or are about to bloom) into freaking gorgeous swans.

I've spent my life trying to "fit in" to a culture where I don't belong; and this disconnect in my soul has made me really cranky. It's time to stop the insanity and be authentically me, and I want to surround myself with people who are authentically you. Of course there are a lot of things to work through when uncovering your authenticity; but one of them is creating a career and a life built upon your gifts and passions.

So now I am choosing to break free of those limitations and "hang out" (even virtually) with people who refuse to be contained too. I want to work with the people who color outside the lines, who have a rebellious streak, who are the square pegs who don't even want to try to fit into the round holes of society. Who don't want to do anything other than be you, share your message, and serve in whatever way the Universe has created you to serve.

I wanted to find a name and a brand that shows that I get you; that I understand what it is to be unique and be proud of it. So I started searching for words that represent me, my business, and you, my ideal reader. And before long, I stumbled upon these two definitions, and Wildflower Warriors was born:

Image in blue font that says Wildflower

A free spirit.  Uncultivated by the mainstream.  

Independent thinker. Bravely growing wild and  free in a world plagued by conformity.

A person who despite all obstacles still manages to triumph.  

A warrior will often face challenges, but in the end will persevere.

How Wildflower Warriors Came to Be

The concept of Wildflower Warriors has been brewing under the surface for easily ten years; but as with many great ideas, it took a long time to come to life.

I created my first online business nearly fifteen years ago, when I decided to create a website about event planning. I was an experienced international corporate meeting & event planner who traveled the world managing events, and I was constantly asked by people how they could begin a career doing the same thing. I knew that I had valuable information to share, and wondered if I could somehow make some side money to supplement my inconsistent income (event planning is a very fickle business).

My first attempt at a website...

So I saved up some money, hired a web designer, and got completely bamboozled. This "designer" didn't provide anything I wanted, charged a large amount of money for an absolutely pathetic-looking site, and charged me $50 every time I wanted him to change even basic typos (even though he was the one who typed them in). I had no control over the site, I couldn't even log in to try to make basic changes; which was frustrating for a control freak like me!

Even worse, once the site was up I waited with excited anticipation for the flood of visitors to start flowing in, and ....nothing. Crickets. Not a single visitor (in those days we called them "hits"). 

So I decided to invest in some advertising, and proceeded to spend $500 per month for several months (at a time when I did not have this money to spare); but that only resulted in a handful of half-interested people. After losing a few thousand dollars (and tons of time and frustration) on this adventure, I closed my site down and walked away; grumpy and cursing and swearing I was done with websites forever. 

But I refused to let it go...

However, the idea kept gnawing at me; I knew that there was a way to succeed online, I knew others were doing it, and I knew that I wanted a successful online business too. I loved everything about the concept; working from home, working for myself, and the potential for unlimited income. I just didn't know how to do it.

So, I decided to give it another shot. I knew that this time around I wanted complete control of my website; I had been burned once by hiring a designer, and didn't want someone else in control of my site. But that meant I had to learn to create it myself. Keep in mind this was almost fifteen years ago, and there wasn't even a fraction of the resources that there are now. I never had any training, I did not have anyone in my life that was doing this, and I don't have a technical bone in my body.  

Eventually I found a website builder program geared toward beginners. With a lot of trepidation but even more determination, I blindly signed up and slowly began building an online business. 

I spent about two years taking online courses, watching hundreds of hours of webinars, scouring every corner of the internet reading thousands of articles, subscribing to hundreds of newsletters, and spent a lot of time and money learning what works and what doesn't.

"Do you suppose she is a wildflower?" said Daisy.

(from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland  by Lewis Carroll)

"We don't let wildflowers grow here; 
independent minds and wild hearts are not encouraged."

...and before long, I had a $15,000 day!

But I began to build my site and it grew more quickly than I ever imagined. Before long I had nearly 2,000 daily visitors to my website and 10,000 subscribers to my newsletter. At the overwhelming requests of my readers I created an online course (which was a whole other learning experience!) and on the day of my launch, I made $15,000 in a single day.  

While that's nothing compared to some of the internet "gurus" out there, for a little ole' self-taught meeting planner, it wasn't bad. And as I sat there in awe and watched sale after sale clear in my PayPal account, I realized there was something even more important than the money (although that was nice)....this website thing works. 

After that I was able to consistently make enough money from my online course each month to cut back on the meeting planning part of my career. For several years my online business almost replaced my full-time income, and I discovered running an online business was absolutely everything I had hoped it would be. 

So I created my second successful website

I then decided to build a website for my dad, who was a full-time artist and made beautiful handcrafted wooden jewelry boxes. He spent his entire adult life traveling  to art shows nearly every weekend, which is an exhausting and unstable lifestyle. I began to see that if we could sell his boxes online, he wouldn't have to travel to so many shows; which would save him time and money.

He was not at all convinced that a website would work; actually, he downright refused until I said I would build it at my own cost, on my own time, and he had nothing to lose.  

Before long he started making online sales; and soon he was able to give up art shows and make a full-time living from his website. For the first time in his life, he had weekends free and still had more orders than he could keep up with. As with my site, I was a bit surprised myself that it worked; and same as before, even more important than the money was the fact that this website thing works.  

...and also learned what not to do (costly but valuable lessons) 

However, it's not always smooth sailing (as any small business owner will tell you).  Google is a mysterious beast and is constantly changing things up; so unfortunately I learned a few painful but very valuable lessons on what not to do. Additionally, since my site was basically running on autopilot, I made the error of growing complacent. I made a few other important mistakes (which I talk more about in my free email course as examples of what not to do); which were painful but all make for great lessons and experience.

With the onsite of COVID-19, the meeting & event planning industry was all but decimated. I felt unethical continuing to sell a course teaching people how to get into an industry that may or may not bounce back. Besides, I had been burned out on meetings & events for awhile, and had been dabbling in starting Wildflower for years. And so, eventually, I let my event planning site go and decided to pour all of my energy into this one. 

I believe the painful lessons and mistakes are every bit as valuable as the things I've learned that work. I follow a lot of the biggest "gurus" in the industry, and also some not-so-big gurus who have found immense success just quietly going about their business. I find that I'm a bit more cynical toward the people who claim it's all smooth sailing, who don't admit mistakes. It makes me question their authenticity; and it also makes me feel like they just happened to have gotten lucky.

Some people are like that; they have luck on their side and never experience obstacles or mistakes. I find these people very difficult to trust, because there's just no way they can understand the challenges us "mere mortals" face. I've experienced it all; and truly want to help you avoid some of the painful lessons I had to learn the hard way. 

I want to use what I've learned to help you!) 

Now, a new passion has taken its place; a desire to help small business owners, artists, and people who know there is something better out there find a way to succeed online.  I completely understand what it's like to not fit into the "9 to 5" mold; to want freedom so badly that you are consumed with a desire to work for yourself.  

And so I decided to start a business doing just that; helping fellow free spirits take what I've learned (the good, the bad and the ugly) so you can build a business that, hopefully, will open up more opportunities than you ever thought possible.  

So join me, Wildflower; take the first step in creating a life of freedom and purpose. Put on your Warrior armor and let's go fight for what you want. 

Trust me, it's so worth it!